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Long story short because it wouldn’t let me type the WHOLE thing out. I was in a long distance relationship/ online dating for 2 years+ everything was going fine untill stuff happened and he got a job and he got busy, meaning we barely talked. I was upset about this I needed a break. The break lasted for over a month, i was expecting him to text me first, I was giving him hints don’t ask how but i thought he would text me. Till finally he got the hint and we finally texted eachother, but we were only “friends” guess we werent in a relationship. But we still FLIRTED with eachother. After a month exams were approaching and i told him i needed to delete my apps to avoid being distracted but i would be back once the exams were over. A few days later I notice he updates his statues to “taken” and it was by the girl I used to be jealous of because he would talk to her alot. He said not to worry about her and now their dating? So i confronted him and he said “well we werent in a relationship so it isn’t cheating” but how could you move on so fast? I blocked him he acted like a person i never met in my life. I need advice what should i do to get over him ;
and is he right? Should he have moved on so fast?



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