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was sorta seeing this guy Kevin last year and I got too clingy and he disappeared. Every once in a while he’d come back but as soon as I showed interest again he’d pull the same act. Eventually I grew tired of this, realized I was into girls and became lesbian. I dated a few girls. Kevin started officially dating someone (big deal because he doesn’t commit usually). I figured he mustve gotten her pregnant but he said no. His new gf apparently made him delete me off fb.. even though I’m gay. Go figure. Then I moved across the country to start over and leave all the bs behind. Since that happened, Kevin has been hitting me up nearly every single day. he looks for any reason to talk to me. I moved to ny, and he even sent me a Snapchat w the Empire State Building captioned “it’s your home next to me.” He’s never even been here to ny. Can you provide a little insight as to why ever since I moved here two months ago he hasn’t been able to leave me alone? If I’m honest with myself he’s almost always on my mind.He is still w that girl but I know nothing about their relationship.. just that he’s totally out of her league. Please help me. What do you think all this means? Also today he sent me a snap of him “at the hospital for 2 hours” and I’m seriously starting to wonder if his gf actually is pregnant.. especially cuz of this pic of her am I reading too much into it or do you think she is? Idk what to think



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