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Why does bf always put mother first and not his own family

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So the other day my bf decided to go visit his mother with the last amount of money we had left which was little. We had run out of oil for heating house that day instead of keeping me &his own son warm we were abandoned and left in a freezing cold house w/single glazed windows. I made sure my son was kept warm at all times by wrapping him up even tho I was freezing .. it wasnt til about 11pm til he got home with oil.. anyway today we finally got the bed we had ordered weeks ago and planned on putting it together this evening.. I was looking after the baby again, we went grocery shopping &didnt get home til a little bit after 8pm.. we still havent had dinner and I started feeding our baby while he went outside to call his mother like he does every single day which I dont mind but we had something to do today and he couldve called her earlier but his excuse was that he was grocery shopping.. anyway at almost 10pm he came back inside & started on the bed then I did babys last feed and put him to bed... it is now 1AM and hes still at the bed???? P.s apparently this year he doesnt feel like abandoning me on valentines day & going to see his mother like he did last yr which is good I guess.


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Mother is family

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maybe hes afraid of what his mother will do if he dont help her


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