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Why won’t my eye stop twitching

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My right eye keeps having like a muscle spasm or twitching. It’s right under my eye, like where the eye bags would be if you had them. Anyways my eye has been doing this for months now it’s it’s really annoying. It will twitch for no reason. The twitching gets bad when I look at a bright light then it stops. But even when I’m not looking at anything bright it will twitch for a few minutes, stop then twitch again. It’s not stress and it’s not because of caffeine and it’s not because of sleep deprivation. Please help on what it could possibly be. I can’t even make eye contact with people because if I look at something for too long it will start to twitch and people say it looks like a worm in my eye but it’s not. Please help.


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prolly too much caffeine


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