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Did the Roman Empire really "fall" or just break up its colonies/provinces similar to the way the British Empire "fell"

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but remained indirectly in control of all of them? (just kind of like a large corporation will maybe "franchise" out its business...makes it possible to expand , or concentrate on other tasks at hand, like maintaining control over everything, leaving the new "rulers" to just THINKING they are "the president", "king", "sultan, "manager", what have you, but it is just a façade relying on their false pride, hopes? similar to Napoleon and Hitler, they just THOUGHT they were in control of things?


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hitler and UK quislings, came after the fall of Rome, nice try to rewrite history

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The entire Roman Empire, after years of suffering constant attacks, broke into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. Each with their own ruler. The Western Roman Empire eventually fell and died out. The Eastern Roman Empire evolved into the Holy Roman Empire which turned into the Ottoman Empire (which fell during WWI).


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