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Dismissed from LSAT for possession of electronic item (phone) bad is this

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Made an extremely stupid mistake and left my phone in my jacket pocket yesterday and unintentionally brought my phone in the test center. I put my phone in my jacket pocket (normally never do this but my dumbass decided to put it in there this morning) as I was grabbing my stuff and headed to test center. I left my purse in my car thinking my phone was in my purse (as it always is when I leave home) without thinking twice about it. When they stated no cell phones before we started our exam, I thought well I left my purse in my car and my cell was in there so that shouldn’t be an issue. We began the exam and my phone alarm for 9am went off. My heart sank as I realized it was my phone and reached into my pocket to turn it off within a second of it going off. A few minutes later once we finished the first section, they took my test, told me to get all my ish, and dismissed me from the exam. She told me when people bring their phones in they’ll assume cheating and I assured her that was not the case. Definitely messed up by not being more careful. How bad is this? Will I be able to take a future lsat? Does this hurt my chances too badly that I tanked my career in law before it even started and that I should give it up and do something else? Can I call lsac and possibly appeal this so that my score will just say cancelled without mention of possession of prohibited device violation. If anyone knows how bad this is and how it can be rectified if it can, please let me know! Thanks.


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If I were you I would be asking the LSAT people instead of strangers on the internet.


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