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Are you giving up anything for Lent

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If so... What?


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The lent in my pocket

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Yahoo Answers.

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Giving up answering the intelligent questions.

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There is no benefit to giving up anything for the religious teaching of Lent. The Lent season calls for fasting, not the giving up of things. The 40-day fast of Lent is said to commemorate the 40-day fast of Christ. Yet, Jesus never commanded his disciples to commemorate his fast, nor is there any evidence that they did so. The first reliable mention of the 40-day fast before Easter is thought to be in letters of Athanasius, dated 330 C.E. Since Jesus fasted following his baptism and not before his death, the fact that some religions observe Lent in the weeks preceding Easter may seem strange. However, a 40-day fast in the early part of the year was common among ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks. The “Christian” custom was evidently borrowed from those pagans.

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giving up eating my boogers


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