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Am i wasting my time in this relationship

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So been with this girl for 6months, I get it we are still early but my gf always talks about future and wanting to marry and so on so on...especially I decided to ask her about future...I said when do you want to move in together?... she said in a direct and agressive way that we are not and dont plan on soon....she has debts to pay blah blah blah.. bullcrap... and that she needs to focus on her career and so do i... maybe next year we ll talk about it... She said it in a disrespectful way and lately shes been distant on top of that...Now I feel im wasting my time.... Should I just break up with her? i really feel like im wasting my time... She sounds like she just wanna have fun in dating and thats it... we re in our early 20s and im thinking about my moves I want to make for my future...


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If you felt disrespected .. you need to ask her about it. Instead of texting her ... you need to talk to her face to face so you can actually hear the tone in her voice. You need to clarify what she means.... talk though it together so you two can each get a clearer picture of where the both of you are.


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