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Why is it when I text people a billion times, they don’t block me

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I have issues with anger, and it’s come out before where I’ll text the person 500 times just clearly talking **** and not interested anymore. I had a falling out with my friend because she acted like she had a crush on a guy I was with, and I just sent her a million texts calling her ugly and stupid and promiscuous. Lastly, I believe I messaged the guy about 500 times and most of it was talking about how dumb he was for using drugs, and how promiscuous and ugly the girl was. To be quite honest, this makes me believe they enjoy the messages and what I would say, and they are unable to move on with their lives from me. It is extremely easy to block me, yet the girl told her parents when we are 23.


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or they could have just blocked your number...

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They did block you - they just put it on a setting where you would not be notified that your texts had been blocked.


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