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How to evict a friend

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So 6 months ago, a good friend fell on hard times. I offered him a place to stay(free of rent) so he could get back on his feet. 6 months has gone by and he has actually gone even farther downhill from when he started, but my s/o and my relationship is failing because he is leeching us dry. How do I kick him out without ruining the friendship or causing him depression or something?


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The eviction procedures vary widely by state. How to do it without ruining friendship, I have no guesses.

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Give him a firm deadline (30 days, at least, to cover yourself legally). Back it up in writing, and get him to sign it if you can, like a contract. Outline some simple steps he can take to get him into other housing in the allotted time. Help him kindly but firmly.

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you have to be cruel to be kind.. just tell him he has to go because his presence in your lives is having a detrimental effect


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