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When people post questions about that shadowy, evil group of people known as "da Jooz", do you roll your eyes

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As a Jewish woman, no I don’t “roll my eyes”, but I do get a big laugh from those idiots. They think they’re hurting us by posting their bullsh*t but we just laugh and love it that we’re provoking them by just existing and being happy as Jews.

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Of course I do. Rolls eyes

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Yeah, but then again people are constantly doing it on here. The Protestants, atheists, Catholics are all dragged into conspiracy theories, so I don’t give any extra thought about Jewish conspiracies just because they’re Jewish and all of a sudden it’s off limits even though moments ago the same person was saying I don’t know, something like all Catholics are rapists in the next breath saying leave those Jews alone! You evil Christian! Kinda pathetic really


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