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Court summons for Paid item accused of stealing

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Hey, so a few months ago me, my child and my friend went shopping at the mall. While in Spencer s we looked at an ashtray, she placed down on my sons stroller to help me, As I was trying to pickup everything my child was tossing everywhere We forgot about it and We ended up walking out with it. They pulled us back in Accused us of stealing. Said if we paid for it we could leave. I paid for it. But they said they already called a police officer so we had to wait. They started writing down my friends info but due to her not having her ID and me having mine, they scratched her info out and wrote mine. Officer showed up and asked my info sent it in and then asked if I purchased anything. I told her I purchased the item they accused me of stealing. She got upset saying it would cause more trouble cause it was pointless. But I still have to go to court my question is. What will happen to me when I go? I do have the receipt. It ll be my first misdemeanor of any sort



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