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Line segment QRQR has the endpoints Q(−2,−10)Q(−2,−10) and R(−9,−10)R(−9,−10). The segment is reflected across the xx-axis to form line segment Q′R′Q′R′. Then, line segment Q′R′Q′R′ is translated up 66 units to form line segment Q′′R′′Q′′R′′. Line segment Q′′R′′Q′′R′′ is then translated right 22 units to form line segment Q′′′R′′′Q′′′R′′′. What is the length, in units, of line segment Q′′′R′′′Q′′′R′′′?


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The same as QRQR, the transformations (reflection, translation) performed do not affect the length of the segment (like scaling would). l = ((-9 + 2)^2 + (-10 +10)^2)^0.5 l = (49)^0.5 l = 7 units No offense intended, but do you happen to have a stutter? Just curious.


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