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Did i waste my time with this girl

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I have been talking to this girl for nearly half a year. I never really told her i thought having intercourse or giving oral sex was a turnoff for me, mostly because i had already asked her ex boyfriend if he had done anything sexual with her... to which he responded no... i brought him up sometime when we were together and she said nothing happened, so now i think that she is perfect, no sexual interaction what so ever, which is what i wanted because im a virgin as well... but now she tells me that she did give oral to her ex when they dated.... i have told her its a turn off for me and asked if she was sure cause he said it never happened... i feel like i wasted my time with her because she lied to me saying she didnt. I have gotten to know her but was it worth it or did i just waste my time talking to her.... what would you guys do in my situation?



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