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Am I being paranoid or could he actually be cheating on me

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months now, but prior to our relationship we were talking for almost over a year. During us talking, long story short, I was involved in a love triangle with his ex girlfriend and after we cut all ties, we rekindled a relationship because he said I was who he wanted and he did not know how to let go. I’m not looking for criticism saying I’m dumb for going back which I know I do look dumb but I loved him and we weren’t in a relationship (not trying to rationalize). Recently I’ve been getting super insecure and I check her Twitter a lot. My first day back to school from winter break, my boyfriend was texting me during class and he had went to his dads house to play with his sister, I told him just text me later since he was there and I was in class. He texted me a whole hour later stating he forgot to text me back but class was almost over (the duration was like 5:50 to 6:50pm). I went to her Twitter 2 weeks later to find she tweeted that day at 6:01 pm to somebody and I realized she always has her location attached to her tweets and that day she did not. My mind immediately thought she could’ve been with him at his dads house and he’s cheating me again and why isn’t her location on when it always is. I confronted him and he stated he would never go back to her because there’s no point and she has nothing going for her. He says he doesn’t see a point in cheating because he’s learned from his mistakes.



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