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Valentines help needed! How can you tell if your secret crush likes you

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I have a bad crush on my new neighbor, who I’ve bumped into three times over the past month or so. He so far always initiates it, and My BF is never around when this happens. All three occasions, I’m walking my dog, while my neighbor stops to talk to me as he’s driving by on his way out somewhere. Each time we chat I think I feel a vibe that he’s definitely attracted to me, but I have a bad habit of doubting myself afterwards, and think maybe he’s just being friendly. could I be mistaking it for by attraction to him instead?? The more I see him, the more attracted to him I become, but Ihave no idea why I feel this way. Is it possibly mutual, or am I imagining this vibe????


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Go with your gut maybe spend more time with him then. I say go with those vibes. Though remember that you have a boyfriend. Every time you cheat without being honest with someone , someone else gets hurt.


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