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Is it normal to dislike people company long term

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im a 34 years old woman, trauma no pain no anything..still im not very sociable and when i am i can t stand a person more then a few hours then i want to be on my and my mind and wharever im doing ..since i got used living alone and lots of freedom i have now dificulty acxepting man in my life...if his life style is different or very emotional needy or clingy ,i don t allow him in my life and obviously i don t want to spend all day with him comfortable when they come at night and leave eatly in the morning...still my concearn is how this will qork out in the long run when im old,but can t help it.People in general find me very diffi ult to deal with when it comes to my petsonal life as im very private..Any opinion on this? i start to feel like i sabotage my own life and i like it🤔


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