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Why is my Facebook constantly getting hacked

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I made a new Facebook and email because of this reason. I get notifications that my fb was logged in at a different area and these places are in different cities (in the same state as me) They keep posting a vehicle for sale under my name in all of my fb groups. I also keep getting locked out of my Facebook. I have changed my password a million times. Anyone know why or how this is happening?


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Where are you going when you change your password, which site? If you are following an email or pop up link then you are giving your new passwords direct to the hackers.

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Someone Has been Stealing your Password do you Log onto Facebook using Proxy Sites when your at work and or School ? If so thats one way Hackers can Steal your Login Information when you Sign into Facebook using a Proxy Site to get around Blocks then the Site Owners can get your Login Information once you Sign into Facebook Another way is If you click on something on Facebook Like a Video or a Link that Contains a Virus thats another way your Facebook can get Hacked Becareful what you Click on The only thing you can do is Keep Changing your Password And If you Find out who is Doing it Specifically you can Contact the Police


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