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Im 14 and got caught for weed possesion i havnt smoked and it was a little less then a gramand ive got caught with a vape, what consequence

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Possibly a fine and/or probation or community service. Law and Regulation Questions  Laws are different depending on where you live. When asking questions about law, you need to state the applicable city, county, state, and/or country and age. If a regulation you may need to give program name.  Please update your question (the edit button below your question) and not in a comment to my answer, so others will see it.  Please use the details button to add to your question, when asking a question to expand your question when asking. Criminal prosecutions and sentences depend on many things. The location of the action, your age, your history, the charges pursued by the prosecutor, the laws applicable and penalties prescribed in the law in your location, the judge involved, the defense attorney, the amount of discretion the judge has, etc. In many cases people can’t begin to guess an outcome unless they know really specific details.


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