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Should I make a big deal and ask the school office about why my son was not in the list of winners for the school drive

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My son solicited in our neighborhood one weekend for the school drive. It was a good turn out where our neighbors gave generously. A week later, after submitting the donations, my son came home with a nice prize. Apparently, he won for having brought in the most donations. in his 3rd grade class. I was actually concerned that he might not win because he told me earlier during the week that he forgot to write his name on the envelope when he submitted the donations. Well, he won after all, the school knew it was his envelope of donations. Anyways, on Monday, the weekly school bulletin is circulated. The bulletin lists the winners of the school drive for the week that just ended. Our son s name should have been in it but it was not. Our son was puzzled and surprised why his name was not listed. A 3rd grade classmate s name was on the list instead. We want to get to the bottom of it. It is only fair to ask the school office about what really happened, am I right?


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Lesson learned. Do Not Participate in such money grubbing activities. Taxes are supposed to pay the expenses, not door to door Begging.

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I think the answer is in that he forgot to sign his name it caused some confusion and goodness is its own reward. Once admitting a mistake it is best to leave it was before the mistake so you might learn from your mistake. It is never to young to learn and better now than never.

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It does not have to be a big deal, you can ask.


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