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Need help with my friend who is going through some financial issues

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My best friend is 16, she’s a junior in high school. Her mom is an alchoholic and an all around bad parent. She refuses to get her her license, pay for school etc. Her mom is currently unemployed and they just found out they owe $1900 in rent at their apartments. She told me that because her dad passed away, she gets around $750 from the government each month but she has no way of accessing it. Does anyone know what this is called, and how she could access it before turning 18? Or how her mom could somehow get into it? She said her mom couldn’t access it because she has been in jail I believe.


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Age of Majority in my state is 14. She should find out what that is in her state and contact the issuing government or other entity.. She will need to consult a lawyer.

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I hope you find your help. I am sorry about your situation. I just turned 18 in January and I have gone through struggles as well. Just let your friend know that it may be rough now, but give a little time and things will become better. I lived on my own for two months at 17 and barley had money. I worked hard and asked around and got the help I needed. Someone in this community will surely help you. Can you just specify for everyone if this is in the US or Canada?


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