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Does my guyfriend have a foot fetish 👣

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Last night I sat outside with my guyfriend and while we were talking I noticed he looked at my feet for a second. I wore sandals with fake crystals which sparkle under the lights. He said nice sandals then he leaned over and started stroking my toes, I kinda felt awkward and pulled them backwards a little bit but he kept stroking, then he went for the little toe, grabbed him and said aww cute little toe. I found it a bit awkward but also funny, I was wondering does he perhaps have a foot fetish or was he just playing around? Few days ago when we came back from the swimming pool I wore shorts and flip flops and sat behind him in the car while our friend was driving. He spread his arms behind the seat and grabbed my legs and then immidiateley slide his hands down my feet and grabbed my toes. Is that a foot fetish?


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