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Still into my best friend. Not sure what to do.

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I met someone from Tinder (we’ll call him Tyler). Tyler and I had been talking for awhile. The first night we met I stayed the night at his place. He’s significantly older than me (by 8 years), but we still continued to talk. Throughout the summer, Tyler and I were hanging out nearly everyday, and doing things that normal couples did. We went on dates, we stayed the night at each others place very often, we were affectionate, we spent Fourth of July together, and he even called me ‘his girl’. Well, once September came around I was unsure of what to make of everything. He never flat out called me his girlfriend but he’d call me ‘babe’ or ‘his girl’. So I had confronted him about it all and flat out asked “what are we?” I was expecting a “well we’re a couple” But instead I got “were not anything because I don’t want a relationship right now and the thought of having one makes me feel physically sick.” Super long argument/story short: we didn’t talk for two months. After those two months, he had reached out to me again and apologized. My issue is: we still talk. He’ll still call me ‘babe’ sometimes or send me hearts with his messages. Tomorrow we plan to hangout together. I’m starting to think I’m falling for him again, but I’m very worried for that to happen because I don’t want to get hurt again. But everytime I go to his house, we end up on his bed, listening to music, and cuddling till we fall asleep. I love all that, but I’m worried about ruining our friendship. any advice?


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He is enjoying you.


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