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E^ t/y (y - t ) dy/dt +y(1 + e^t/y) = 0

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For someone at the DE level, you surely dont know how to write with the appropriate math notations. I suggest you learn to write correctly;
that will greatly help you! For instance, your "E" should be an "e", no? And is the (y-t) at the denominator, numerator or part of the exponent? Do you mean e^ (t/y) * (y - t ) * dy/dt +y(1 + e^(t/y)) = 0 And then, what is your actual question? You want help in solving this DE or do you want to know what type it is? Clear all that up and then come back with an actual well formulated question! It would be appreciated if you would participate in Y! and to vote best answer too. You havent done this for your past question/answers that have been awaiting for several months now. If you dont participate, no one will answer you.


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