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What happened with a felony probation violation

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My bf got a probation violation and I was just curious does that mean he will get re sentenced on his original charge and have to take a different plea bargain or does he get a different sentence for the probation violation could he get his original plea bargain revoked? I know,its up to the judge but just curious what usually happens


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If he got a new charge he could do some time

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If he is in my state, when he originally went to sentencing, the court imposed a prison sentence and then suspended it on certain conditions. If he refused to abide by those conditions, then the court will impose the original sentence. If the nature of the violation was a new crime, and he is convicted of that, the court will also impose a sentence for the new crime, and it will be consecutive to the first one. I do not know if that is true in your state or nation.

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Probation violations are the easiest. The Felon goes back to jail to serve the Original Sentence, and May have further time ADDed for the violation. Any "Plea Bargains" are null and void. The Case was already adjudicated, so the original sentence stands.


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