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Am I getting in trouble

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So with weed being legal in DC I drive down there whenever I buy it. I’ve been using these online delivery services to get it. But this most recent time that I went to go pick it up, after I paid for it and got in my car to leave, a cop comes and knocks on my window, and asks what I just got from that guy, I was honest and told him that I bought pot from him, so the cop takes it and asks to see my ID, he takes it and goes back to his car for a minute, he then comes back and gives me back both my ID and my pot and tells me if I ever see you down here again I’m going to lock your *** up. I’m still confused about DC weed laws, I know that I did buy pot from that guy and that even though pots legal in DC that it’s still illegal to buy it and the cop also looked at my ID so he knew that I wasn’t a DC resident. I’m going to be more careful in the future, but I guess what I’m wondering is should I be worried? Am I like in the system now? Could I get like a fine or citation in the mail? Or is it over and done with? Any advice would be cool thanks



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