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My girls says she was mad at me what should i do

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Im not exactly sure why my girl was mad at me but here s my speculation: she asked me what the deal with our relationship was and I wasnt quite sure what to say so i just told her that i liked her a lot then asked her what she thought about our relationship she gave me a long description of all the things she likes about me and that was all she said. I am not very good at expressing my feeling so my answer felt insufficient and much shorter to me. The other night she told me she loved my daughter and loved me (then a pause and said as a person) and that i didn t have to say anything back (which i didn t). Is she mad at me because i didn t ask her to officially be my girlfriend or should i have said something else? I called her today and she confirmed she was mad at me but isnt any more and blamed being mad at me on being drunk is that valid am i over thinking it? Thanks,



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