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Why do evolutionists ignore living fossils as proof evolution is wrong

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What is a living fossil?

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nobody cares CUZ THIRH...GOD MADE ALL LIFE...EVOLution is fake fake

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A biologist will explain to you that the simple issue of living fossils will not prove evolution is wrong. Is an important misunderstanding underlying the idea that living fossils do not evolve is that stabilizing selection is an evolutionary process, perhaps even the dominant one in morphological evolution...The fact that a living fossil is a surviving representative of an archaic lineage does not imply that it must retain all the "primitive" features of its ancestral lineage. Even those living fossils exhibit "morphological stasis", stasis, in the scientific literature, does not mean that any species is strictly identical to its ancestor, much less remote ancestors. Some living fossils are relicts of formerly diverse and morphologically varied lineages, but not all survivors of ancient lineages necessarily are regarded as living fossils.. so no scientists are ignoring anything about any living fossils, but creationist chose to ignore those usual.


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