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When a girl says I’m sweet

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Friend zone or nah?


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You a weak cuck

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No, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in the friend zone. I tell my guy this every now and then and I’m sure other girls do, too. If you’re really wondering if a girl has put you into the friend zone , think about how she treats you. Here are some classic signs of being put into the friend zone: 1. If she comes to talk about her problems mostly, then she probably has you in the friend zone. 2. If she has ever talked about guys she wants to date. 3. If she has ever tried to set you up with a female friend as a date 4. If she has never flirted with you 5. If she wants to hang out with you with friends. Now look for... Flirting: Eye contact. Teasing you. Touching you. Smiling a lot at you. Enlarged pupils. Seeking you out to talk with. Wanting to be alone with you. Here’s a sample conversation that I think sums it up well.


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