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Liberals ,If North Korea disarms, will you give President Trump credit

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Liberals would swallow poop before speaking well of Trump

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Norks are run by China.

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I have already given Trump credit for opposing free trade and moving the embassy to Jerusalem. It is a tragedy that this president has broken so many laws and used his positin for personal profit because he is THE ONLY POLITICIAN TO OPPOSE FREE TRADE. Sadly, he is incompetent and unable to make things happen. Trying to tie DACA to his agenda is wrong. Refusing to do the right thing unless you are bribed to is wrong. Never mind the constant lies and evasions, the dreadful infidelities and everyday embarrasments, this man is unfit for office because of his moral blindness, just as Nixon was. So, yes, if North Korea keeps its word for once I will credit him and every other President since Dwight Eisenhower for holding the line, but that will not erase the wrongdoing and crass behaviour.


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