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What’s wrong with my mind

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I think it’s a lack of sleep(and when I drink energy drinks sometimes) because that’s when it happens most of the time but it’s a really weird and ugly feeling I feel disconnected from reality and the universe and I dont care about anything it’s not a sad feeling or a mad feeling it’s total emptiness it’s been going on for about 6 to 7 years maybe shorter And it feels like nothing can happen to me if I was harmed for example if I was to hop in front of a car I feel like I would be ok (I know it sounds crazy I don’t feel invincible just nothingness) btw I have no mental issues I’m a totally healthy 16 year old guy (just a little short for my age😢) and it can stop happening for a year or a few months and then it will hit me like a truck out of no where it’s a really ugly feeling please if anyone knows what this is please help me out google has no answers for me thank you if you have any questions that would help you answer this problem I will reply thanks!!



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