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I’m thinking about adopting a greyhound.

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Any advice for caring for this breed? She’s 9, hasn’t had a ton of training. She’s very outgoing and loves people, but sometimes gets overexcited around other dogs.


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Sooo.... you want to adopt a dog... fall in love with that dog... and be crushed when they die a few years later? Greyhounds only live around 10-12 years. Hey better you than me. I’m selfish though. I would absolutely love it if all the elderly dogs could be adopted and loved in their last few years. I.. I just can’t do it. I have to get puppies, and even 10-15 years wasn’t enough, and leaves me wanting more. If you are a strong enough person for that, then I adore you for it. I’m just not, you know? I’m selfish, I want every second of their lives with me.


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