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How do I deal with my neighbor’s barking dogs at night

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It sounds like dozens of dogs barking, crashing into things. I filed a complaint but nothing was done. The neighbor calms them down for 2 seconds, and go back to barking. This is bothersome and other neighbors complain too. She frequently breeds the dogs, resulting in MANY puppy barking.


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You will need to research your local noise ordinances. They really vary a lot. If the dogs are not in kennels but tied up that can also be illegal depending where you live. There can also be local ordinances which limit the number of dogs somebody can legally keep. I guess you can band together and keep complaining often enough that whoever you complain to gets bothered enough to do something. The squeaky wheel gets the grease...

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You can call a noise complaint in once a day to the police. It would help if you and your other neighbors keep calling about it. The police will start ticketing the owner.


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