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This has been on my mind for a while

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I stopped seeing the psychiatrist and therapist because they are plotting against me. They are trying to get information about me and turn me into a zombie by giving me medications (antipsychotics and antidepressants.) They know too much about me. Yes, you think they are meant to help. But there are things about the world and reality in general that I know and that you don t. I have lots of knowledge about it because facts were placed into my head by someone. The same ones who give me the bad impulses and thoughts. It s for a reason, they want me to do a job. But I don t trust the psychiatrists and therapists because they are trying to find out about me. They don t want to help, they want to abuse me. Does anyone else know this? Are you aware of this??? People keep seeing them , the psychiatrists and they don t know this. I need people to know this.


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Thanks for writing. I had slightly similar ideas (diagnosed paranid schizophrenic) until I went on the antipsychotic medication Latuda. Now I feel much better about things, although the Latuda makes me kind of dumb. There is much that is still unexplainable without the kind of thoughts you are having, but I feel milder about it. One thing you could do is give the psychiatrists a try for long enough to be on the medication for two weeks. You can stop taking the pills anytime but it is good to test them out to see what you think. Again, thanks for writing. It is kind of brave and capable of you. If you can write about the specifics online I would do it. Also try the medication though.


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