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What to do about my brother’s schizophrenia

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so my brother has schizophrenia and he was “normal” until 3 years ago, he just came out of his room one day saying he was the antichrist that his tv was talking to him me and my parents didn’t know whether seriously or not we just thought his friends were messing with him (internet friends), for months he stayed in his room 24/7 through his window my mom seen him standing against the wall corner doing nothing for a straight 4 hours, later he came out screaming about TMZ, and ran outside and a cop actually pulled him over thinking he was some looney toon. That’s when my mom she dragged him out to take him to the doctor and later he ended up in the pysco warts for just 3 days begging to come we Then were able to put him on meds which had him asleep all day and soon he ran out because he refused the doctor. About months off medicine he got worse with hygiene never showered and when he did he’d wear the same clothes. He’d waste brand new food and he started smoking cigarettes and has caught his mattress on fire multiple times. He’s been taken to the hospital once, and arrested twice from two incidents of him running the streets bothering people. A couple weeks ago my mom has tricked him into going to get a “shot” with some kind of medicine, this medicine he’s been taking causes him to Say the most inappropriate randomest things...he’s told me about having sex with me and I’m his sister, he’s told everyone in our household. we really don’t know what to do.


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He needs meds and therapy.


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