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I only wear long sleeves and pants

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I used to love my body a lot more in my community college. I used to work out a lot and looked great but I’ve gotten a bit chubby. Now ive always been covered and not into swimsuits cuz I feel naked and weird being so exposed around strangers but now I’m hiding my body completely. I used to at least wear string shirts and dresses.I’m not huge but I am a bit overweight maybe like 5-10 pounds over and I am working out now, I let myself go over my bf. I spend all my time with him I’ve forgotten to take care of myself. I also started really bad eating habits. Im super self conscience of my body. Not just cuz of my weight but genetically I’ve always had tiny chicken bumps on my arms and rear and I’ve scratched at em and they’ve left really bad scars and wounds on my arms. I’m not emo or anything I just hate the bumpy skin so I scratch at it. How can I still cover up during spring and still keep cool.



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