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My friend is obsessed with her mental disorder

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Last year my friend was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, but she self-diagnosed herself before then but then went to the doctor and told them she thinks she has it. She got diagnosed with it, however ever since she has been she never stops bragging almost about the fact that she’s borderline. She posts on her snapchat story 24/7 about it, and it seems as though she conciously puts on the symptoms of it for attention. It doesn’t seem like she really has the disorder at all, it just feels like it’s a lie and she’s perfectly normal but just desperate for attention. Within 2 minutes of meeting a person she’ll tell them about it, and she’ll act very strangely sometimes but, it just doesn’t seem true to me. I feel like if she really had it she wouldn’t be bragging about it on her story, because it is a serious thing. I’m not sure, do you think she really has it or not? I feel like if she went to get diagnosed with it she could of just said yes to all the symptoms about it to get diagnosed.


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People these days have to hold on to things that set them apart from others, and expect society not only to accept them, but embrace who they are.

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