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Why do “some” people answer a question by saying “do your own research” Isn’t the point of Y!A to ask questions

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Dog, dog, dog category, dog.


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I know!!

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Yeah, it has happened to me before. It happens about 5% of the time on questions that I ask. It is a stupid answer to a question.

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Why is this in the dog category and why are the question details "Dog, dog, dog category, dog."?

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Because they are rude trolls who feel bad for not having knowledge so try to bring down others

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since one loses points by asking questions and gains points by answering, one could argue that the point of Y!A is to answer questions. And some questions are easily answered by a regular online search or reading the textbook/paying attention in class.

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Totally true......they are absolute fvckwits, I block people who say that Another type I hate is those who use the word troll in everyday conversation, like calling someone a pixie


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