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Please help me out on this physics problem

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The drawing shows a sulfur dioxide molecule. It consists of two oxygen atoms and a sulfur atom. A sulfur atom is twice as massive as an oxygen atom. Using this information and the data provided in the drawing, find (a) the x coordinate and (b) the y coordinate of the center of mass of the sulfur dioxide molecule. Express your answers in nanometers (1 nm = 10-9 m).


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can you see by symmetry that it will be on the y axis? So where would it balance on the y axis, if you could then ignore the x axis that would be balanced?

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x = 0 by symmetry The y coordinate of the O atom is 0.143 cos 60 = 0.0715 nm again, due to symmetry, the balance point is half that or 0.0357 nm. You have 2M at y = 0.0715 and 2M at 0, so the balance point is 0.0715/2


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