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I’m failing in school

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I transferred from a traditional high school to a charter school because school was awful for me. I had lots of depression and anxiety, no friends, and I couldn’t focus. The charter school started off okay but now I’m falling behind on work there too. I’m soon going to be kicked from the program.I’m not sure what to do anymore, I’m 18 now and can’t go back to my traditional high school. I don’t want to just drop out and get a GED but it’s looking to turn out that way. I’m so disappointed in myself and have even contemplated suicide because I’m so stressed and it seems like my world is crashing down on me. Please no rude comments, what should I do?


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People who succeed on EVERY level of schooling do so because they join or form groups that hold each other accountable and help each other succeed. The top level colleges even guarantee success after a person enters the university because of these groups. High school can be similar. Consider asking a guidance counselor or adviser at your school to help you organize a group like this, ideally made up of several other people like yourself who feel overwhelmed or are struggling. Even just opening up this type of discussion can bring help that you may not have considered.

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ask the teacher too assign you a tutor


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