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Should atheists just go make an independent state

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Since the atheist minority is so keen on disrespecting the Lord, maybe we should exile them and have them go make their own independent state. How does that sound?


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No reason to. Atheists mind their own business.

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Just like Jesus would want, right?

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I know very few Atheists, and I know a lot of people. Most people are Agnostic at best. To me, an Atheist is a person who has given the thought of a supreme being, and afterlife etc, with as much effort as I have, but came up with a different answer. Not some one who desires there be no accounting after death. Same applies with any one from any religion, or earthly causes which have taken on the aspects of a "religion", (rabid environmentalists, etc) who does not perform the same due diligence. And just goes it on personal desire, and not a search of a greater truth. If you gave your position great thought and are an Atheist, I accept your decision.


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