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Why are conservative areas the most poor areas to

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Conservatives refuse to get a good job. The only job cons have the skill to do is mining, farming and drinking beer

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Because poor people tend to be more traditional than people who have lost any need for psychological comfort in their lives. Look how conservative the third world is, say, Afghanistan, opposed to Norway.

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The most poor areas to what?

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People are usually consistent making poor choices on all things, in schooling and political orientation.

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Why do you think we were opposed to OBAMA he did nothing for our Economy accept Spend Spend ALOT.- as if its a good time to give our Taxes to Muslim Countries. Since Trump who is Business Friendly for Moms and Pops they are at a Hiring Record. Ask them??? Up to the time OBAMA Leftt it just kept climbing. Theres the TRUTH. Though Liberals refuse the TRUTH. Watch.....


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