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Why do people say eating meat is a Personal Choice

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Eating animals is far from a Personal Choice". A personal choice is whether I m going to dread my hair or get a perm because no one is harmed in the desicion. What a personal choice is NOT is deciding whether or not someone else lives or dies for pleasure, tradition, or convience. Once someone else becomes involved, once there is harm done, once there is a VICTIM in the picture, it s no longer personal. To spell it out, we abuse, take their lives, mutilate their bodies and then chew them up. Does this violent act sound like a preference? People always wonder why vegans care so much about what other people eat. I don t care about what you eat, I care about WHO you eat. It s funny how we re only animals when it comes to eating meat. I think back when we fought to survive we needed meat, but we a civilized HUMANS that know better, yet we don t choose to do better. Because we care about our own ego and taste buds more than a living being with feelings and emotions that has no choice and that wants to LIVE. I cry when I think about this. How can people be so numb and so dumb to this in this generation. Do you agree or disagree? I d like to hear other people s opinion on this...


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Oh do shut up.


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