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My dog bit my daughter, advice please

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In January my 9 year old daughter came to me very upset, with a deep cut &grazing to her face. she said she fell against a door. The cut needed gluing. It may scar. She was lucky not to need surgery. She has this evening confesse, this injury was caused by our dog In the moment after the bite she decided to lie to protect him. She was worried we would "send him away". She takes full responsibility. She says she leaned on him and was being silly. She knows she shouldn t behave like that with him, this may also be a reason for the lie - she knew she was naughty. I am shellshocked. Our dog has always been gentle &loving. My daughter holds no grudges, he still sits next to her on sofa. They are affectionate. You would not know there had been this aggression months ago. He is a 5 year old shih tzu x toy poodle. I believe my daughter was acting inappropriately. She is bereft. We have told her Our dog will not tolerate "being treated like a toy". finding out 3 months later, here with him fast asleep next to me, I don t know what to do. Would you continue to carry on as normal, continually reminding children to respect the dog s need for space? Would you rehome? It s his "1st strike", we have had him since puppyhood, he is like our 3rd child. It would break my heart. But this news has shocked me to my core. My daughter possibly hurt/frightened the dog and lied, and my dog hurt and scarred my daughter s face.



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