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Adoption help!! (In Michigan)

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We bought a husky puppy from them last year! This year they had pups again. They had 3 available, the one we originally wanted got adopted, the guy put a down payment on it then told them he didn’t want it and didn’t know if he could take care of it due to medical issues, so the breeder wasn’t going to him the pup and give him to us! Now the guy somehow found a backup plan through out the time so she has to honor his down payment? Is it illegal to not him the pup and give him his money back instead? Or would they have to give him the dog?


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He made a deposit.. So he is entitled to the pup as long as he is able to make the full payment. The breeder COULD choose to give him a refund and not sell him a pup.. But he made the deposit in good faith to hold that particular puppy.


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