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Is my rescue dog still showing signs of mistrust / trauma

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My husband and I adopted a dog who had been abandoned on the highway. He was underweight when we got him, and had a lot of trauma behaviors - he is still very cautious and thinks he will get in trouble all the time. He is very careful to read our cues before he reacts to anything. He has gotten better over the course of the year that we have had him, but he is now hiding his bones. He LOVES eating them, and never hid them until we started buying the larger ones. I m just wondering if there s a correlation between the bone size and the "burying" them around the house, or if he s scared we may not feed him in the future. He also will leave his breakfast untouched unless he s SUPER hungry, or I sit with him on the floor and urge him to eat it. My poor pup, I just want to make sure he s not scared of going hungry and trying to conserve his food sources.


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