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Why can’t I get over my ex It’s been 3 YEARS

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So... I actually had a crush on him for a while. I first met him in 8th grade. Now I’m a junior. But we decided to date in 9th grade. Which was mostly over the phone cuz he was at a different school. But later when we met again at high school, we decided to give it another try. He never came to lunches to eat with me, he never took me on dates, I had to go to them. And when we met on those dates, it was a little awkward. Maybe not for him, but for me. (Im really introverted) then we broke up again. Now, being a junior, I unfortunately have him in the same class as me. And I can’t help but feel the same that I felt 3 years ago. It seems like he’s gotten over me though, but he will try to text me, and FaceTime me... he just seemed extremely flirty... now I don’t know what to do because he’s acting like this, but I feel extremely alone.. no one I ask about these things actually cares. No other guy was actually INTERESTED in me... I’m just here like what now.... but my question is.. if we broke up last year, how come he’s the only guy I’ve ever thought of? Why is he the one I always miss? AND Why is it that EVERY TIME I try to talk to another guy, something happens to them, and it immediately BRINGS ME BACK TO HIM..


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just force yourself to hang out with other people.


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