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I am thinking about breeding my husky in the future, is there anything I should be doing in raising him to increase his value as a mate

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I’ve raised my male husky from 8weeks, he’s now 8 months old. I don’t want to nuder him for various reasons. He’s healthy, registered as a pure bred, gets proper exercise and a good diet. I know a few people who have multiple huskys and think I would be able to handle a few more, so I want to have the option to breed him when he gets older. Aside from regular health routine, is there anything else I should be doing to make him a better “stud”? Is there any special physical or behavioral training I should be giving him that is geared towards breeding? Any different supplements or dietary needs? Aside from showing he has a great temperament or physical attributes, would additional training ultimately effect his litter? (Or is it all just pedigree)


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He needs a CH or working title for starts. If he cant earn a title, he isnt breeding quality. Being "purebred" doesnt make a dog worth breeding. He also needs ratings thru CERF, BAER, PennHip, and Optigen... If he cant pass genetic health tests... He REALLY should NOT be bred at all!

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Stud fees work because the dog (or the dam) has a reputation for breeding true, especially if the dog (or dam) has winnings in the show rings. Think of it this way: purebred pups sell for hundreds of dollars even if they are not note worthy. But prizewinning stock can sell for thousands or even tens of thousands. Will the pups from your dog be ordinary or prize winners?


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