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I still love my ex but have a gf

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So I have a gf who so cute and makes me happy. However I know I still have feeling for and want my ex back. My ex when we broke up blocked me on everything and took me to court to try to get a protection order on me and file a police report on me for sexual assault. She end up dropping the protection order. I thought she never text me again because we haven’t talk in two months. Today when I texted her hey and she texted hey back then I asked how she was and she said good hbu yourself and then she asked if I was okay and I sent her a funny video that I thought she like but she didn’t reply. She sent me three text total. I really want my ex back even as a friend till I can show her I am her soulmate what should I do? When can I try to text her again? What about my gf now?


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Then break up with your current girlfriend


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