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Is this considered cheating What is your judgment on his behavior

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A guy asked a girl out. They went out for a few dates spreading out for 3 months. Then the girl said she was not interested in casual sex nor non commitment relationship. This would be our last date, the next time we would meet either as platonic friends or exclusive couple. 3 weeks later the guy asked her out on a date again. He took her to his work place and introduce her as his “fiancé”. They eventually slept with each other. Then he became distant. She called it off. Then later on found out that he was sleeping with another girl at the same time he was going out with her. When she confronted him he denied being wrong because he never said he was offcial with her. Is this considered cheating? What’s your judgement on this?


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Being a fiancé is a commitment. SO yes he was officially in a relationship with his betrothed.


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